02 May


The Yelp Scam



In theory, Yelp is a great thing. People can write reviews, people can read reviews, choose where to go. But like everything, real life is more complicated. The way I figure it, review writers can mostly be reduced to 3 categories: a) people who like to review things and treat things fairly, b) people who love something and are excited to review it, c) people who are motivated to review by a bad experience. It’s a democracy of the motivated, but it also requires reading between the lines. Is that restaurant not good, or did 2 people give it 1 star because it didn’t have enough vegan options? Continue Reading

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17 Jun


Is Yelp.com Legitimate?


Do you ever use Yelp.com? It’s a well known user-review site where people who visit businesses leave their impressions. If you really liked that burger at Burger Trench, visit Yelp and let the Internet in on how delicious your lunch was. It sounds pretty straightforward, but some disgruntled business owners are alleging that the entire thing is basically, a gigantic extortion scam. Continue Reading

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30 Apr


Yelp: An Evil Scam?



Does Yelp lie? Are the reviews you read on Yelp legit, or did some sleazy sales guy write a bunch of them to squeeze a dirty dollar out of some innocent business owner?

We don’t know.

Does Yelp lie? Are you about to send your expensive dress to a bad dry cleaner with good (but fake) reviews?

We don’t know. Continue Reading

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06 Apr


Yelp Fights Fraud Allegations by Unfiltering Reviews



Local businesses have complained for years that Yelp’s powerful recommendation engine unfairly pressures them into paying to remove negative reviews and highlight positive ones, but the company has always steadfastly denied that its allegedly aggressive sales force made a practice of strong-arming businesses into paying up.

On Tuesday, Yelp responded by altering its reviews policy, relenting on two fronts in an effort to fight the perception — and civil court allegations — that businesses which pay Yelp for ads receive more favorable treatment than those who do not. Continue Reading

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